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Incorporated: a new soul in acrylics

Incorporated materials are the result of a special technique. In fact, different types of material can be inserted into acrylic by means of a special production technology.

How does it work technically?

The procedure is not simple and requires numerous trials to achieve the desired effect.

In fact, the polymethyl methacrylate molecule tends to attack the different substances with which it comes into contact. A series of studies and successive attempts are therefore essential to achieve the perfect balance and maximum yield of the required effect.

Any kind of effect for your acrylic slabs

For years, our chemical laboratory has been working to optimise the effects of a wide variety of materials incorporated in acrylic labs and items.

Here you can see some of the main examples of materials that we process with experience.

The material you would like is not among them? Our catalogue is far more extensive, and if it should not be among the many tests and trials we have carried out over the years, don’t worry, we will develop prototypes and test materials for you with which you can verify the perfect performance of the incorporated material.

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After many tests, we have identified the machine, the type of media and the type of ink compatible with our production and are now able to offer you the printing of images and drawings of your choice on different acrylic media.

Acrylic bars

Acrylic bars have an elegant design and such versatility that they lend themselves perfectly to the creativity of designers and architects seeking new solutions for luxury retail, furniture or fashion.

Breather barrier

Acrylic breather barriers are protective devices for pharmacies, doctor’s offices, shops, counters and desks. The breather barriers consist of two rails, a front panel and 4 cleats for fixing to the desk.