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We are a zero impact company


Acrilgraph s.r.l. is a green company with zero environmental impact:

It does not use harmful materials, produces no polluting emissions (fumes, sewage or dust) and the material produced is absolutely non-toxic (it can also be used for food purposes) and perfectly recyclable.

Polymerisation is, in fact, reversible at high temperatures, thus making waste 100% new raw material.

In addition, all processing waste, resulting from cutting, shaping, and finishing the sheets, plus any scraps or processing defects, can be recovered and re-melted in order to obtain new raw material.

Environmental compatibility is not only a duty but also an opportunity to reduce production and disposal costs by recovering waste.

Acrilgraph cares for the environment and makes this known through facts.

Our processing cycle takes place and starts entirely in Italy, starting with PMMA waste material that has been produced by companies and is collected. We process 100% of what is recycled, without the use of virgin parts, i.e. those derived from oil.

This recycling process allows us to recover a total of more than 85% of the starting material, obviously removing all the non-PMMA part, which becomes waste.Over time, thanks to the experience gained in the sector, we have managed to close the loop: all the by-products generated by the process are vital for the company in order to obtain a pure and above all green product.

For this reason, our processing of acrylic sheet is part of the production and consumption process called “circular economy”.

Step 01

In order to make this happen, the first step is the cracking process, i.e. the molecule-breaking process by which we transform the material from a solid to a vapor depolymerisation liquid through high temperatures.

Step 02

Then, through the cracking process, we obtain a liquid that is first a very dark colour, between black and brown, and is then purified and made transparent. At this stage, it appears as clear as water and, depending on demand and its subsequent use, coloured pigments are added to change its appearance

Step 03

Once liquid, no additives or other chemical components are added, only an initiator, which serves to speed up polymerisation. The curing time depends on the thickness, in fact it can take a few hours for small thicknesses up to 30 days to produce PMMA blocks

The Material

The thermoplastic material is characterised by its transparency, rigidity and easy processing. Elegant and extremely valuable, it has properties and characteristics that make it suitable for all requirements: from the creation of small design objects, to roofs of houses or pieces of furniture, to the creation of entire boat parts

ISO Certification

Acrilgraph has always opted for compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001. It is committed to working in compliance with all applicable standards, guaranteeing a quality management organisation