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Acrilgraph, acrylic for passion since 1964

Acrilgraph was founded in 1964 in Limena, on the northern outskirts of the city of Padua, with the mission to produce and commercialize sheets of polymethylmethacrylate, better known as acrylic (named after the German company that first conceived and marketed it in 1932).

In product customisation, Acrilgraph has identified its own distinctive factor

Each customer will be assisted by our team in the definition of the project, both technically and creatively, with the support of cutting edge chemical laboratory where new solutions (e.g. incorporated a fabric in acrylic plastic) can be tested.

Consultancy · Design · Prototyping

The company’s high ambitions, as well as the technical-productive requirements that the material imposes, have driven Acrilgraph to invest, from the very beginning, in technologically advanced plants for the refining of the raw material and the production of acrylic slabs, allocating one part to sales and one, increasingly important, to successive processing according to specific customer requirements.

Some of our clients

Zero-impact company

100% recycled acrylic plastic

Our activity has zero environmental impact: we use no harmful materials, produce no polluting emissions and the material produced is absolutely non-toxic and perfectly recyclable.

We process 100% recycled material, without the use of petroleum-based parts.