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Protective breather barrier

Acrylic protective panels:
for pharmacies, grocery shops, checkouts, counters, taxis and open space desks

For the protection of you, your costumers and your employees

Acrylic breather barrier ideal as a protective device for pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries, shops, counters and desks.

Technical information

The Acrilgraph Acrylic Breather Barriers are composed by 2 side rails, a front panel and 4 cleats for fixing to the desk.

In addition, a guide for cleaning and maintenance of the breather barrier will be delivered with the kit.

Other services that might interest you


Acrylic slabs can be made transparent or in many different colours. It is also possible to obtain slabs with different textural effects so that light diffuses differently, depending on the degree of satinisation. The result is a slab that can be transparent to light, but does not reveal the outlines of the objects behind it.


Incorporated are a special type of acrylic processing that allows different types of materials, from fabrics to more complex elements, to be inserted into the acrylic slab or item. During the years we have realised many items with the incorporation technique and we are always motivated to find new solutions and new effects.

Custom-made projects

Acrilgraph offers a technical support service that will follow you from the design to the finished product, providing complete satisfaction in the design of custom-made projects to suit all requirements.

The expert team’s advice will enable you to achieve the best result, using the most adapted techniques.