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Furniture with acrylic plastic

Over the years, our team of technicians has worked alongside architects and designers in the production of acrylic furniture for homes and offices. We have also ventured into the design of architectural elements such as staircases, parapets, and partition walls, even going as far as the roofing of the entire facade of a house.

Endless possibilities and solutions

Years of experience have enabled us to develop a long series of design creations with unique lines. The great malleability of acrylich allows for unique and ever-changing effects and colours.

Acrylic chairs and tables

Every space, be it the living room of a house or the meeting room of an office, has its own style. Acrilgraph makes custom-made acrylic tables and chairs. Our team will respond to your every wish by making made-to-measure furniture and reproducing exactly the style you like. It is also possible to make armchairs or other solutions not common to this type of material.

Our catalogue offers thousands of colours and if the one you choose is not included, our chemical laboratory will do its utmost to add it to the list.

Many effects can also be realised with acrylic plastic by means of the incorporated technique with which, through a complex procedure, it is possible to insert particular textures inside the sheets up to more sophisticated elements such as entire objects or natural elements.

Shop and office design

Much lighter than glass, incredibly transparent and resistant, acrylic is the perfect material for office and shop fittings.

Each item, realised with skill to measure and blending your requirements with our experience, is the ultimate expression of design applied to everyday needs.

The opportunities are almost unlimited. We have, for example, created custom-made displays for cosmetics. The particularity of this type of installation is concentrated in the logo, inserted as a sign into the item and then illuminated for greater visibility.

Another example of a acrylic installation is a large bottle rack made for a famous winery. The extreme transparency of the material offers, through the special effects of light, a suspension effect of the bottles on display, thereby increasing the volume of the basement.

Architectural elements

Acrylic plastic is not only a material for the creation of interior design products but can itself become the main architectural element.

It proves perfect for creating a division between spaces, for example, different workstations inside the office. Especially in spaces where there is a lack of light, an opal acrylic wall, different from a masonry or plasterboard wall, allows light to filter through, thus increasing the perception of the room’s dimensions.

Another element that can be made, also completely in acrylic, are stairs and stairways. The endless possibilities that this material offers make it possible to create incredible architectural effects.