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We have been producing and processing acrylic plastic for over 50 years

We have been producing and processing acrylic plastic for over 50 years


They give a modern look to the most sophisticated architectural and design requirements


We insert different types of materials into the acrylic slab or item, from fabrics to more complex elements.

Custom-made products

Acrilgraph offers itself as a partner for the design and development of finished products.

Custom projects even for small volumes

We realise custom projects: we put our know-how at the customer’s service to achieve the required end result.

Some areas where we have exploited the potential of the material:


We produce custom colours even for small quantity orders.

Colours are obtained within a few days and can be changed as required by the customer.

We have already formulated 4200 colours.

Zero impact company

100% recycled acrylic plastic

Our business has zero environmental impact: we use no harmful materials, produce no polluting emissions and the material produced is absolutely non-toxic and perfectly recyclable.

We process 100% of what is recycled, without the use of petroleum-based parts.

acrylic plastic for passion since 1964

Consulting · design · Prototyping

In product customisation Acrilgraph has identified its own distinctive factor Each customer will be guided by our team in the definition of the project, both from a technical and creative point of view, with the support of a cutting edge chemical laboratory in which to test new solutions (e.g. embedding a fabric in acrylic plastic).

Breather barrier

Acrylic protective panels:
for pharmacies, grocery shops, checkouts, counters, taxis and open space desks


Acrilgraph has, over the years, refined its knowledge to offer the many boat fans new solutions.


There are many different lightning effects to choose. Your sign will be entirely realized by Acrilgraph and by our expert team.