The evolution of acrylic crystal

at the service of design: ideas become reality



Acrilgraph found in product customisation its distinctive feature

Acrilgraph was founded in 1964 in Limena, in the northern suburbs of Padua, with the aim of producing and selling sheets of polymethylmethacrylate, better known as plexiglas®. Each customer will be guided in his project by our team, both from a technical and a creative point of view.

What we do

Plexiglass is an elegant and really precious material. Our acrylic sheets give a touch of modernity to the most sophisticated architectural and design needs, thanks to their multi-coloured variations, transparencies and effects that we have long been studying and improving.

Acrilgraph is a laboratory that keeps experimenting: this is why we are willing to customise the chemical and physical properties of plexiglass according to our partners’ product. Furnishing, automotive and nautical are some of the fields in which we exploited the potentiality of the material.

The customer’s creativity is the only limit to the use of plexiglass. This is why Acrilgraph proposes itself as partner to design and develop new finished products: from promotional displays to fair stands, from lamps to bathroom furniture, we keep experimenting without limits!

Plexiglass is a unique material
and we have been working it for more than 50 years


We have realised different kinds of products, like interior decoration, retail and showroom design furnishing, fancy goods and light columns for cruise ships.