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Acrilgraph for Quality:
ISO 9001 2015 Certification

The company’s Quality Policy is focused on the pursuit of customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty, and full compliance with applicable regulations/laws. To achieve this, the company organisation must be committed to the achievement and maintenance of specific goals that must define the achievement of the overall quality strategy.

Quality Policy

This policy must be considered as a fundamental means of driving ACRILGRAPH SRL to improve its performance.

This is why the quality policy specifically targets those aspects of the company that are necessary to ensure its success:

  • to all company processes, for which the types and levels of future improvement must be defined, identifying the appropriate indicators for their management;
  • to customer satisfaction, defining the expected level and the actions to be taken to achieve it;
  • to the employees of the company who, feeling part of a team oriented towards the pursuit of business success, must find the most appropriate atmosphere and incentives for their growth, security and satisfaction;
  • to the expectations of the owner, in relation to achieving the required level of return compared to the assigned resources;
  • to suppliers and business partners, to achieve high levels of contribution and collaboration for the purpose of common growth;
  • to the management of resources (financial, infrastructural, human and environmental), with goal to guarantee effective and continuous support for the company’s growth and success.

UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

The management has chosen the conformity to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and the continuous improvement resulting from its application as the management tool for achieving its goals.

The general management has primary responsibility for the implementation of this goal, gives the responsibility for the quality system management, the preparation of the quality system and the verification of its adequacy to the management representative, who will prepare periodic reports on the status of the quality management system and the efficacy of the achievement of goals.

The general management carries out periodic reviews, promotes improvement actions for the following period and ascertains the continued suitability of this policy with the strategic objectives.