Incorporated: a new soul in plexiglass.

The incorporated are the result of a particular technique. Inside plexiglass, can incorporate different types of material through a particular production technology.

How does it work technically?

The procedure is not simple and requires many tests to get the desired effect.

The polymethyl methacrylate molecule tends to attack the different substances with which it comes in contact. Therefore are fundamental a series of studies and subsequent attempts to get the perfect balance and the maximum yield chosen effect.

What can you get?

Our chemical Laboratory has been working for years to optimize  of different materials incorporated in plexiglass sheets and objects.

Here you can see some main examples of materials that we manage with experience.

If The material you like is not here, don’t worry. Our catalogue is broader and, if it is not among the numerous trials and tests we have done over the years, we will develop for you prototypes and test materials to ensure the result.


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