Processes and effects: a whole range of possibilities

Acrilgraph works daily to study new processing techniques with plexiglass. Everyday we test and study different variations and uses of the Polymethyl methacrylate. We create samples with the color chosen by our customer or guzzling particular and innovative materials such as bamboo, marsh grass, small metal parts, textile and glitter.


Plexiglass sheets can be trasparent or multicolor.

You can obtain sheets with different surface effects in such a way that the light is spread in a different way depending on the degree of etching. The result is a plate that can be transparent to light, but does not suggest the silhouettes of the objects behind it.


Incorporated objects

Embedded is a particular type of plexiglass process that allows the incorporation of different types of material, from fabrics to more complex elements, into the plexiglass slab or object.

Over the years, we have created many objects with the technique of embedded and we are motivated to find out new solutions and new effects. Do you have an idea? Let’s work together


Customized project

 Do you have an idea? Let’s work together.?

Acrilgraph provides technical consulting service that will follow you from the project to the product, ensuring maximum satisfaction in the realization of projects tailored to suit all your requirements. The advice of the team of experts will also allow you to get the best result using the most suitable techniques.



After several tests we have identified the perfect printer, the best support and the compatible ink with our production and now we are able to offer you images and draws printing on your favourite plexiglass sheet or object