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Which parts of your boat can be made of plexiglass? What are the benefits?

Plexiglass is a material with excellent surface quality and offers greater scope for fabrication than many other materials. Over the years Acrilgraph has been studying this material to offer all the boat lovers new solutions.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different details and boat parts that can be realized with plexiglass, due to its resistance to weathering and impacts, it is a widely used material in the field of sailing.

The advantages of using plexiglass for your boat parts are:

  • salt resistant
  • easy to clean
  • light and versatile
  • more transparent than glass
  • easy to install
  • big aesthetic impact

The Idea

The experience gained over the years by our team led us to develop a project development model in different steps, from design to the development of prototypes for the customer, and then proceed to the realization of the final product.

For this reason, we take care of every detail in the construction of the parts of your boat; visors, rods holder, tables and indoor and outdoor furniture!

Together with our customers we design and evaluate the technical feasibility of the custom made project to get the best results.

The Frontal Windshield

The frontal windshield is one of the most common components of the boat made of plexiglass. The need for custom-made products requiring frequent maintenance makes the boat windshield the perfect element to be made of plexiglass.

The life of a plexiglass windshield is infinite. Plexiglass windshields can be honed very easily and look as new again even after scratching or chipping.

According to your needs, the construction of plexiglass windshield allows you to manage and adjust the lights that enter the control zone.

Thanks to the particular colors available, we are able to create a darkening windshield that reduces the brightness inside the boat, ensuring the utmost transparency and visibility. The plexiglass windshield withstands all sorts of open weather exposure, strong winds, temperature inversions and humidity.

Moreover, in order to bring it back to its original splendor, it can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or a 100% cotton cloth.

The frontal windshield is designed according to the customers’ needs and then is directly built and assembled by our team of experts.

The Cabin

Do you want to decorate and customize the interior of your boat?
We can realize the interior furnishings with your favorite colors and patterns. Our team is always at your disposal to find the best solution.

The advantages of making some plexiglass interior furnishings are surely represented by the great versatility of this material that can take on many colors and textures; the lightness of the plexiglass objects, unlike glass or other materials, makes it perfect for furnishing the boat without weighing it.

As far as the exterior furniture is concerned, we create tables, chairs, exterior and interior benches. Made of plexiglass these parts are highly durable, ideal for completing your boat with style and elegance.

For example, focusing on the external table, experienced navigators know that, at least once a year, it is necessary to sand or treat the outside table wood, ruined by the bad weather of the sea.

The plexiglass table has the aesthetic effect of wood and, at the same time, it guarantees strong resistance to weather and salt. So a damp cloth is enough to make it good as new again.

A particular advantage of the realization of plexiglass tables and interiors is the particular resistance to bad weather. In the case of scratches or damages, the plexiglass can easily be brought back with a simple polishing.

Forget big spring work with paint and mordant, your table will always be perfect.

Rods holder

The plexiglass rods holder is a further detail we realize. With a steel base and a plexiglass body is the ideal solution for your hobby. According to the measures provided and to customers’ needs, we make a tailor-made product, refined and in line with the style of the boat.

You can choose not only among the various colors available but also among the various effects, including the embedded ones, that make your rods holder even more special. You can choose the number of the rods, the size and the texture that best suits your boat.


The sunshade is an essential accessory if you want to enjoy a day out in the sea. The choice of making a plexiglass sunshade is realized by the creation of a rigid, strong structure that provides protection from the bad weather and filters the sun’s rays. This kind of structure will weigh half of a glass structure and ensure excellent performance.

Thanks to our know-how and the processing and thermoforming technologies, we are able to realize:

  • the windscreen
  • the porthole
  • the railing
  • the doors
  • the ship’s side

To date, more and more ships use plexiglass for all these parts with a great yield in design and quality. Resistant, lightweight and custom made, the plexiglass object is perfect for your boat.

Do you need to make plexiglass parts of your boat?
Contact our expert team, they will be able to advise you and to develop your project.

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