All the products and industries in which plexiglass can be used with great performances

Over the last years Acrilgraph specialized in producing specific objects for different industries, thank to many researches carried out from out experts team. The ongoing research of perfection, real practical design solutions that made us real experts in this field.


Resistant to bad weather and damages caused by salt, plexiglass is the perfect material to realize boats’ parts. Custom made, customizable and much lighter than glass, is a design solution that mix taste and convenience giving your boat a unique look.



Trasparences, colours, opalescences and fluorescences are just a few of all the effects that can be obtained thanks to great versatility of plexiglass. Perfect for lightning solutions like lamps, chandelier, sign and many other custom made projects.



Interior design

A new interior design concept which uses the great plexiglass trasparency, its lightness and pliability to create solution for your house and office.  Almost limitless possibilities, customizable in every detail for unique architectonic solutions.