Study and analysis of the material

Production of custom-tailored samples

Acrilgraph has a wide range of customised colours.

In many years of work in this field, Acrilgraph has experimented and produced many kinds of colours, adapting them to new technical developments and to evolving market needs. Only a few of them, picked among the most requested or popular ones, are kept in stock, in order to be used for urgent requests. All the other ones can be produced within a few days, as shown in the palette or modified by the client.

Totally transparent colours, partly or totally concealing, with glitters, paillettes, fluorescent pigments, opalescence and much more. We can as well create sheets that contain various materials, given by the client himself, too, and that can combine in different colours.

It lets us see how the product reacts to light. Thanks to a specific machine it is possible to simulate the aging of the material. It will thus be possible to test the resistance of colour and of the material itself as if aged 20 years.

For fragile products like visors, we use this measure, that is the temperature in which a gauge needle penetrates to a depth of 1 mm. We thus obtain the measure of the resistance to scratching or bugs. We finally produce the customised sample and analyse it according to our client’s needs.